PFSC Spring Convention/General Session

Celebrating 86 Years of Conservation

You are cordially invited to attend

PFSC’s Spring Convention

March 16 – 18, 2018

 At the

Best Western Premier Hotel & Conference Center

800 East Park Drive

Harrisburg, PA  17112

More Information

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Raffles & Fundraisers

50/50 Cash Raffle

2018 Raffle Ticket Order Form

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Winner’s Choice: Bushmaster XM15/.22 Air Rifle/$100 Gift Card

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2018 Great Outdoor Picnic & Fundraiser


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ATV Helmet Resolution

Update:  The ATV Helmet Floor Resolution, presented at the Fall General Session, failed to garner enough votes to allow it to be brought to the floor for a vote.  The resolution will be presented under the regular guidelines for a vote at the Spring General Session.

Minutes from the meeting will be published in the November On Target.

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Resolution & Proxy Voting Form

Resolution & Proxy Voting Form

ATV Helmet Exemption for Sportsmen/women Proposal

To be voted on September 16, 2017

Due to the timing of this proposal, it will be presented as an “Unpublished Resolution” from the floor by the Member at Large. As per the bylaws, a resolution from the floor requires a 2/3rds vote from the delegates to allow it to be brought to the floor for consideration. So the first vote will be as to whether it will be allowed to be presented. The second vote will be on the resolution itself. 

Click Here for a Printable Copy of the Proxy Form & Resolution Details

Details of Resolution:


“No helmet to be required while hunting”


Helmet use, without exception, is mandatory while operating or riding as a passenger in or on an ATV as specified in PA Code 77 ~ 7726 (5.). In Pennsylvania ATVs are classified as Class I or Class II by weight. Most side-by-side UTVs fall into the Class II ATV category. A new federal class of vehicles, Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs), are also emerging. LSVs have more passenger safety features than ATVs.

ATV/UTV/LSV use while hunting is becoming more common, especially on private land and where permitted by disabled hunters, trappers and fishermen. Their use is now permitted in gun dog Hunt Tests and Field Trials by judges, bird wranglers and disabled handlers.

Although the use of a helmet is required; PGC WCO’s and PF&BC Fish Warden’s do not enforce this statute. However, it would be in everyone’s best interest to exempt mandatory helmet use by sportsmen and make it optional, rather than leave enforcement on a discretionary basis. State Police, local police, PA DCNR Rangers, and USFS Rangers may not be so forgiving. Many other states have already done this. The proposed amendments are modeled after other state amendments such as in Michigan.

Hunting while wearing a helmet is cumbersome, costly, unnecessary and may be unsafe:

– While handling a gun dog, alighting from the vehicle, it is impossible to shoulder and aim a shotgun with current civilian helmets worn. One would need to either take the time to remove the helmet and don the required orange hunting cap or purchase a military style helmet. This extra time may cause loss of control of the gun dog, loss of point by the gun dog and lead to hurried and unsafe gun handling. Note that in this situation a disabled hunter is already required to turn OFF the vehicle ignition, place the vehicle in PARK, un-rack the shotgun, dismount the vehicle and load the shot gun.

– An orange military style helmet would need to be purchased to comply with PGC requirements. The only one available is used by the US Coast Guard. These cost more than $1,000.00.

– When the vehicle is operated under 10 M.P.H and in a safe manner, as required by PGC and PF&BC regulations, helmet use is unnecessary. Note that the PA Code already exempts on-road motorcycle operators and passengers from helmet use on vehicles that operate up to 70 M.P.H. on PA interstates.

– Enacting the helmet exemption would allow sportsmen to be confidently legal in the pursuit of their sport.

Click Here for a Printable Copy of the Proxy Form & Resolution Details

Clubs: Use the Proxy Form, send it with your club delegate or county delegate to cast your proxy vote.

Individual Members: Contact Member at Large to express your opinions on how she should cast her proxy vote.

State Orgs: Let your delegate know how they should cast their proxy vote.

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Fall Board Meeting & General Session

PFSC’s Fall Board  Meeting & General Session
                 September 16, 2017                                                                       Mechanicsburg Sportsmen’s Club

      Invitation/Registration Form

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2017 50/50 Raffle Winners

2017 50/50 Cash Raffle Winners List

1 st Montgomery County Fed of SM: $2200

2 nd Dwight Weaver – Johnstown: $1650

3 rd Heather Potter – Kintnersville: $880

4 th Roger Kain – W Conshohocken: $440

5 th Lester Nace – Duncannon: $330

Congratulation & Thank You to all who purchased tickets and those who helped promote the fundraiser and helped sell tickets!

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2017 2nd Amendment Rally

Mark your calendars!

2017 2nd Amendment Rally at the State Capitol

May 22nd, 2017

Download Flyer

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View/Print Form

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PFSC Resolution

DRSA Resolution to be voted on during the March 26th General Session

Comments from the PA Fish & Boat Commission regarding the resolution

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PFSC Spring Convention

 Click Here for more Details…..

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